Yay! New Harley!

Two’s fun, but three’s a PARTY!
There’s one more guest joining Wonder Woman & Starfire at the Masquerade Ball! ♦️ ✨ Who do you think this party guest is?

It's a Harley! Over the moon that they remembered her. (Now if we can get the other girls...)

New Starfire doll

We’re continuing our exclusive Fall lineup reveals with this 🔥 fiery 🔥 doll! 🎁 ✨ Looks like Starfire is getting ready to join Wonder Woman at the Masquerade Ball later this year!

New Wonder Woman doll

We’re loving today’s exclusive San Diego Comic Con reveal!
If you guessed this new doll was Wonder Woman, you nailed it! She’s traded in her Lasso of Truth for a masquerade mask, but she still looks STRONG! ✨
The Wonder Woman Masquerade Doll is coming your way later this year!!
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Shock and awe!

Wow, they finally did something with Catwoman!

head's up

A doll and action figure for Cheetah are being revealed at SDCC

The text from the Facebook entry: In the spirit of San Diego Comic-Con kicking off today, we have some exciting doll announcements to make right here on Facebook—just for you, heroes!! Let’s do this!
This speedy DC Super Hero Girl is the PURRRfect addition to any play sesh! Think you know who it is? Comment below and race back tomorrow to see if you’re right!
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Techless Tuesday Webisode 317

(look, I like Babs too, but ugh, someone else get a focus please?)

New 6-pack

YEAH MAMA! Beast Boy’s running with a new pack! 💥 Check out the new DC Super Hero Girls Action Figure 6-pack exclusively at Target.
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Starfire in stock.

Amazon has the 6" Starfire action figure in stock:

I have no idea why her price is so high. They're supposed to be $9.99 each. I thought it might be a 3rd party seller, but it's not. It just says Amazon.

I ordered one anyway, because I want her. If I don't like her in person, it's easy enough to do a return!
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Keep an eye out for Mission Gear Poison Ivy:

I snagged the last one on Amazon for the moment, but I'm sure they'll restock.

I love that the webisodes featuring this outfit just started yesterday and then POW, as Batgirl would say, here's her doll.

She's $14.99. I don't buy a lot of the all-molded outfit girls, but this is Ivy's second doll when a lot of the others have loads and I want to support the lesser-used characters.

Oh, and speaking of lesser-used, the training Bumblebee is also in stock:
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Oh, bite me


Good show - have Cheetah in a 2-pack that will be nigh impossible for anyone to get that can't go to SDCC. Because you know this will sell out almost immediately once it hits their online store.
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New webisode

They're really cranking these out lately.