Jun. 16th, 2017 10:41 am
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Keep an eye out for Mission Gear Poison Ivy:

I snagged the last one on Amazon for the moment, but I'm sure they'll restock.

I love that the webisodes featuring this outfit just started yesterday and then POW, as Batgirl would say, here's her doll.

She's $14.99. I don't buy a lot of the all-molded outfit girls, but this is Ivy's second doll when a lot of the others have loads and I want to support the lesser-used characters.

Oh, and speaking of lesser-used, the training Bumblebee is also in stock:
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So we've got $20 toddler dolls done by Jakks Pacific. You can guess which three, even though Harley would have been the cutest toddler.

Then there are 18" dolls also done by Jakks. They're $35 and exclusive to Toys R Us. The big three plus Bumblebee. Again, no Harley. Grr. Batgirl is fabulous though and will probably make it into my collection. Maybe the others will, too, but at that price, they're not priority.
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Supergirl of Krypton:

Supergirl gets a gorgeous origins doll like Wondy did.

Basic Bumblebee:

Don't want to drop big bucks on Walmart's 4-pack? Don't! This is the same damn Bumblebee!

They also have the Themyscira Wondy, Starfire and some new Lego sets including Lashina's. Most of the newest stuff isn't in stock, but the Lego sets are, so I might get Lashina soon.
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The minis are being found in the stocking stuffer section of Walmarts. I've seen photos of them labelled $5.00, but mine cost $4.94 each, which a great price, considering they're way bigger than a MH mini and come on a plastic base which even has a stand base underneath it.

Minis Series 1 group

Minis Series 1 Batgirl

Do watch for face paint issues and damage at the attachment points. My first Batgirl was broken and Mom went back for a replacement.
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I know, I know - it's December and Halloween '17 is so far away but I found these while surfing a costume site that a friend linked me years ago


(there's also a bunch of other DC costumes in there..)
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Wondy, Bumblebee, Harley and Ivy are all getting Funko Rock Candy figures "this winter."

I really love Harley's, but Bee might just be the cutest. It's also nice to see Ivy, with her being left out of certain other lines like the plush and vinyls.


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