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We’re continuing our exclusive Fall lineup reveals with this πŸ”₯ fiery πŸ”₯ doll! 🎁 ✨ Looks like Starfire is getting ready to join Wonder Woman at the Masquerade Ball later this year!
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Amazon has the 6" Starfire action figure in stock:

I have no idea why her price is so high. They're supposed to be $9.99 each. I thought it might be a 3rd party seller, but it's not. It just says Amazon.

I ordered one anyway, because I want her. If I don't like her in person, it's easy enough to do a return!
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I was shocked to see the 3 new mini figures in stock on Amazon. They're $4.99 add-on items, which means your cart must total $25 or more. They only had 1 left of Frost and Ivy and 2 Starfire, so I quick put them in my cart, added some other stuff and checked out.

If you want to watch the listings, they're...




Starfire is the only orderable one as of this posting. She comes back in stock on the 29th. Ivy and Frost are "currently unavailable." But I'm sure they'll restock soon.
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For toys, we've got action figure bedroom sets for Wondy and Harley. Both were in stock earlier today, but there are no pictures, so no one knows what these look like.



I bought the Harley set, so I'll share pics once it arrives.

The Intergalactic Gala dolls are also likely coming soon.




Starfire's photos are wrong, but the listing is for the "premium" doll, so that's the Gala one. She's the only one of these I'll buy.
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Action figure 9-pack:

That's had a listing for awhile, but I forgot to mention it. I really hope Starfire and Hawkgirl are released separately at the same time this comes out or before. I do not want all those other figures!

Mini Frost:

Somehow the mini Frost looks more like the character than the doll. She's a bit sassy instead of the kinda blank doll expression and her hair is longer.

Mini Starfire:

Starfire, on the other hand, doesn't look much like her at all. She doesn't have the yellow in her hair and that pose is awkward with the thick skirt weirdness.

Mini Ivy:

Nailed it!
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Supergirl of Krypton:

Supergirl gets a gorgeous origins doll like Wondy did.

Basic Bumblebee:

Don't want to drop big bucks on Walmart's 4-pack? Don't! This is the same damn Bumblebee!

They also have the Themyscira Wondy, Starfire and some new Lego sets including Lashina's. Most of the newest stuff isn't in stock, but the Lego sets are, so I might get Lashina soon.


Dec. 25th, 2016 01:21 pm
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Leaked photos, likely from the same silly survey they have never learned to stop sending out, have arrived. These are terrible quality and likely earlyish prototypes, but they look more done than the MH ones I'm going to post next.

Can you guess who the new doll is?
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Dec. 22nd, 2016 02:53 am
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Starfire is available in two places.

On Amazon:

And on Mattel Shop:

If you have Prime, I would say go with Amazon, because shipping from Mattel Shop brings them up to the same price and Prime's gonna be faster.

This is a different listing than the one linked to in the post I just did a bit ago! So that means we may very well get a second Starfire before too long. Yay!

New stuff!

Dec. 22nd, 2016 02:16 am
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I frequently bow down to the finding skills of Tumblr's Darth Alinart. I just spotted three new posts with all new items, so here's what was found for DCSG:

I'm glad that the action figure side of this line is getting a lot of stuff. It's good to see action figures in the "girl" toy aisles. I like the sound of the bedroom ones and the Batgirl vehicle set looks pretty cool. I probably won't get any, although if they put Harley and Wondy in the PJs from the webisodes, I'm in.

I'm disappointed in the dolls though, because there are no new characters. I'm not sure what's going on with the listings, because all three are clearly for a doll in a transforming outfit, but the photos on Starfire's show the basic Starfire doll. I'd love to see her with a new doll so quickly though.

Then Supergirl has a locker playset, but really, WHERE ARE THE OTHER NEW CHARACTERS?

They're going to bore people if they don't make more characters faster than this. Although these listings mention Fall 2017 so maybe we'll get other new characters a little bit earlier than that?


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